About the Oregon Coast Community Forest Association

Our mission is to protect, restore, manage and invest in forest lands in Lincoln County for the long-term benefit of local communities and the natural world.

Oregon Coast Community Forest Association (OCCFA) promotes social benefit forest management that emphasizes ecological values while still  producing timber and non-timber forest products. We intend to support small forest land owners through our Local Woods Outlet and Local Woods brand. We are building a network to help with management assistance and education while sharing the exciting value-added story of the economic power inherent in our local woods. In addition to forest investment and management Our mission is achieved through the implementation of our five core  priorities:

I. Public Education and Outreach:The OCCFA will educate the public on the importance of community forest ownership,ecological forest management and the benefits of local enterprise adding economic value to products from our local woods.

II. Forest Management: We will manage forest lands consistent with ecologically sensitive forestry that strives to keep a forest a forest while producing timber and non-timber forest products.

III. Value-added Enterprise and Marketing:The OCCFA and small forest land owners will receive a fair return for forest products through OCCFA  partnerships, value-added facilities and an OCCFA managed e-commerce marketing system

IV. Land Investment: The OCCFA will invest in properties to own in perpetuity and manage according to the principles of community benefit and ecological forestry.

V. Organizational Development, Management and Capacity: We will build a highly effective organization with the capacity to service our education and outreach, land ownership, land management and value-added enterprise goals.


The OCCFA is currently working to advance each of the above strategic goals. Become an OCCFA volunteer or a working member of our Local Woods value added group. Join us and support our important work. Use the link below to contact us. We have several great projects that need volunteers and there are many ways, both big and small, to help out.

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